Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Why Armaan Kohli Honk On Face?: Armaan Arrested For Misbehaving

Why Armaan Kohli Honk On Face
Why Armaan Kohli Honk On Face
Bigg Boss 7:The honking behavior on anyone face is not new with his nature, in fact he has criminal history and also arrested for the same.
From Sangram, Gauhar, Andy, Ajaz, Kushal to Sofia he make sure to reach everyone’s face and honk.

As per TOI; Bigg Boss 7' contestant Armaan Kholi has a very famous incident attached to his past. Actor Armaan was once arrested for misbehaving and assaulting his girlfriend Moon Moon and beating ex bigg boss contestant Dolly Bindra in Mauritus.

Same thing on day 80 Sofia discussed the same thing about Armaan violence to Ajaz, Kushal and Gauhar.

By the way maximum people think Armaan should be out for his act inside the Bigg Boss House. In a survey of we asked a question from all the Bigg Boss fans “Should Armaan Evicted For Creating Violence In Bigg Boss House?” and in response we got numerous numbers 2493 total unique votes with one device in which 89% of the people wants him to see out of the house and 11% still believe he should stay more.

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