Saturday, 30 November 2013

Double Elimination In Bigg Boss Saath 7

Double Elimination In Bigg Boss Saath 7
Double Elimination In Bigg Boss Saath 7

Bigg Boss Saath 7 is on its peak and in recent past we have seen many relatives of inmates came and give their blessing to the fellow additionally no elimination announcement will add little more joy among the contestants of Bigg Boss 7 but in that joy one shock they have to face which is double elimination. 

Yes! This news is absolutely correct; contestants are very much relaxed today after knowing about no elimination but as per insider information inmates have to face double elimination in coming week.

As per insider news and information right now eight contestants are their inside the house and at last week only two inmate will have to stay there. In the mean while one wild card entry also will happen in which we can expect Elli Avaram. 
As it happens almost every session of Bigg Boss where we have seen every time someone making wild card entry. Till now we have seen only Kushal making reentry in the Bigg Boss house but was that wild card entry? Answer is no.
Kushal is the contestant who made violence and evicted by Bigg Boss as a punishment. So wild card entry is yet to be made in the Bigg Boss house.

So all Bigg Boss contestants must be prepare for the extra shock for Bigg Boss.

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  1. Armaan or tanisha ko nikalo.. Bigg boss jaldi se